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We provide convenient, comfortable, long-term RV sites for traveling workers or residents in the areas close to Dunlap and Chattanooga, Tennessee.
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The Shadowlands RV park is a blend of meticulous design and natural beauty, featuring seven thoughtfully crafted RV pads to accommodate both long-term residents and short-term guests. Each pad is fully equipped with high-speed fiber internet, water, sewer, and 30 and 50 amp electrical hookups, offering all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay. Embraced by the park’s diverse flora and fauna, the pads provide an immersive experience of life in harmony with nature.

Pad Descriptions:

1. Pad One: Nestled amidst towering oaks and pines, Pad One is a secluded spot perfect for those seeking a sense of privacy while still being in close proximity to the park’s amenities. Its position offers a splendid view of sunrises that paint the morning sky. This is where the campground owners make their home.

2. Pad Two: Flanked by a charming grove of pines, Pad Two provides a slightly elevated spot, allowing for a wider view of the park’s natural landscape. Its location is ideal for catching the late afternoon sun and enjoying the tranquil dusks. It is also located closest to the chicken’s house and can be somewhat noisy for the late risers.

3. Pad Three: Pad Three is situated closer to the heart of the park, offering a dynamic view of the daily activities of our resident fauna. This pad is particularly loved by animal enthusiasts, with frequent sightings of deer and cats. It has a tremendous view down the hill towards the sunsets.

4. Pad Four: This pad is the perfect spot for bird watchers and botany lovers. It’s surrounded by a vibrant mix of flora, and the chorus of bird songs throughout the day lends a peaceful soundtrack to your stay.

5. Pad Five: Located near the gentle sloping trails leading to the park’s highlights, Pad Five is perfect for adventurers at heart. This pad offers easy access to early morning hikes or moonlit strolls, making every day a new exploration.

6. Pad Six: Pad Six, situated on the edge of the park, offers an unobstructed view of the majestic sunrises and clear night skies. It’s a stargazer’s paradise, allowing guests to marvel at the celestial wonders from the comfort of their RV.

Guest Pad: Our Guest Pad is a versatile space designed to accommodate shorter stays. While maintaining the same high standard of amenities as the long-term pads, this spot is strategically located to offer our short-term guests a comprehensive experience of Shadowlands RV. Whether it’s the morning symphony of birds, the leisurely stroll of a cat, the wondering wild turkey, or the awe-inspiring view of sunsets, our Guest Pad ensures that every guest experiences the best of what we have to offer during their stay.

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Shadowlands Rv Pad 02 From Rear
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Please Share With Your Friends, Family, And Business Associates