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We provide convenient, comfortable, long-term RV sites for traveling workers or residents in the areas close to Dunlap and Chattanooga, Tennessee.
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The moonscapes at Shadowlands RV, as observed from the elevated perch of 2200 feet on Lewis Chapel Mountain, provide a celestial spectacle that offers both aesthetic and emotional enrichment. The moon, in its various phases, paints an ethereal scene against the night sky, its silvery glow bathing the park in a serene, otherworldly light. This picturesque view, combined with the quiet calm of dusk and night, creates an atmosphere of tranquility and awe.

The heightened elevation significantly enhances the clarity of these lunar views. The thinner air and reduced light pollution at such altitudes allow for a more unobstructed, luminous display of the moon and the surrounding night sky. This presents an excellent opportunity for stargazing, where residents can observe not just the moon but also an array of stars, planets, and occasional meteor showers.

Enjoying these moonscapes offers a multitude of benefits. They offer a moment for reflection, a space for calm in the hustle and bustle of modern life. Watching the slow journey of the moon across the sky can be deeply meditative, providing a sense of perspective and an appreciation for nature’s rhythms.

Moreover, these lunar observations can also be a source of intellectual stimulation and curiosity. It’s an open invitation to explore astronomy, learn about lunar cycles, understand the effects of altitude on sky-gazing, and delve into the celestial myths and legends tied to our night sky.

In essence, the moonscapes at Shadowlands RV serve as a regular reminder of the wonders that lie beyond our immediate surroundings. They provide a profound connection to the larger cosmos, instilling a sense of wonder, curiosity, and tranquility that enriches the experience of living at the park.


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